X Tania Lombeida Miño

Tania Lombeida Miño (1980)
Multidisciplinary artists, she completed a Masters in Artistic Creation: Contemporary Realisms and Treatment of Environments, at the University of Barcelona. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Central del Ecuador, and in Restauration and Museum Studies at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial. She co-funded the art collective La Emancipada, with which she manages the Annual Meeting for Arte Mujeres Ecuador (AME). She also manages the project ARCHIVAS & DOCUMENTAS_Mujeres, Arte & Visualidades Ecuador (Archives & Documents_Women, Art & Visibilities Ecuador) – an online data base about women artists and their work in the art systems. She worked as a consultant for the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) alongside MERCOSUR and the Argentinian Ministry of Culture, for the project Mapa de Residencias Artísticas del Mercosur (2017).
In 2013 she was awarded an academic grant by the Ecuadorian government to continue her postgraduate studies in art. She has been awarded the Grant Fund for Art and Culture Projects by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador (both for individual and collective projects) in 2008, 2016, and 2017.
Her published work includes: “Case of Study: Ecuadorian Women’s Art Venue” in Feminism and Museums vol 1 (2017); Archivas & Documentas: un espacio de enunciación para las mujeres artistas in Zoila (2018). ”Ecuador la Tierra y el Oro. Visualidades en resistencia: contacto-transferencia-interpretación de la cobertura mediática 1990-2014”, University of Barcelona (2014),
Her work has been displayed in various museums, cultural centres, and galleries in Ecuador and abroad (Germany, Venezuela, Spain).

Un ensayo sobre 'la dormición de la Virgen' (An Essay on the Dormition of the Virgin), 7. La dormición de la Virgen María (The Dormition of the Virgin Mary)

Artwork 3 out of 14

Un ensayo sobre "la dormición de la Virgen"

(An Essay on the Dormition of the Virgin)

8 out of 8

Tania Lombeida Miño
Photoengraving on paper, 35 x 25cm

La dormición de la Virgen María (The Dormition of the Virgin Mary)

Sculpture set on “The Dormition of the Virgin Mary”. Author Anony-mous, carved wood. Carmen Alto Museum. 18th Century (photograph: Tania L. Miño).
Since being 10 years of age she attended with her family the Evangelical Christian church “Oasis of Hope”, situated in South Quito, she participated in the choir of the praise band, in leadership meetings, she trusted God so much that the word of the pastors was as if it were His. The youth pastor controlled her, he did not allow her to have boyfriends, nonetheless she brought her friends to get involved in the church, and he punished her, not allowing her to sing in the praise band’s choir. She had to disclose all her projects to the pastors to receive their approval. On the 7th of July 2012, the pastor disappeared the 18 year old young woman. After 6 years and 5 months, he declared he had kidnaped her, he got her in to a car a few minutes after she said goodbye to her mother and younger brother, and then he killed her, he put her in to bin liners, he wrapped her with packing tape and threw her body into a ravine north of Quito, in the Bellavista sector. The authorities and her mother searched exhaustively for 20 days, but did not find her. In September 2018, it was dictated that the pastor should remain in preventative detention for the alleged kidnapping for ransom. In November of that year, the judge* accepted the restatement of the charges against the pastor, for crime of kidnapping for ransom resulting in death. In May 2019, after 7 years, the Ecuadorian justice decid-ed to take the pastor to trial.