Fco Amezaga

Fco Amezaga "Sr calavera"
Mexico 1980
CD Obregón, Sonora, Mexico
Visual Artist & Set Designer

Multidisciplinary artist, he uses a variety of expressive artistic techniques and materials in his work, including illustration, painting, sculpture, engraving, and tattoo.
His work is centred around the theme of skulls, death, and the Day of the Dead, adapting it to various symbols of Mexican folklore and of Mexico’s various indigenous ethnicities, including dances, festivities, religion, masks, and characters typical of Mexican culture.

Tu qué soportas todo mi dolor

Artwork 4 out of 14

Tu qué soportas todo mi dolor

(You who bears all my pain)

Fco Amezaga "Sr calavera"
Print on paper, 38 x 23cm